Weight Loss at Elite Martial Arts

Below is a rough break down of Energy (KCal) for various Sporting Activities. This Guide cannot be used as an exact reference as there will always be slight variances between individuals. However, the comparisons are approximations based on the average energy used (KCal) for a 70 kg (11 Stone) person. If a person is lighter than the ‘KCal’ used will be less, however if the person is heavier than the ‘KCal’ will be even higher, see bottom section of the Chart ‘ KCal per hour’.

If you trained Kickboxing just once weekly for a year, and stayed the same weight, then your training would have been burning off excess Weight/Fat that you would have otherwise gained.

For example, if you were 7 Stone and burned approximately 500 Kcal per week (With just one lesson weekly), this would equate to (500 Kcal x 50 Weeks=) 25’000 Calories per year. There are 3500 calories to a pound of Bodyfat. So, an individual would have gained 7 pounds (1/2 Stone), of Fat if they had not trained Kickboxing. This is about the average at which the current population that do not exercise, are gaining in weight every year! Absolutely Ridiculous when you consider that there are 168 hours in a week, and it would take just 1 hour out of a person’s week Kickboxing.

Whilst on the subject of the health benefits of Martial Arts & Kickboxing. One of the biggest killers around today is Stress. Medical studies have shown that the “physical release of negative emotions has a great psychological benefit to an individual”. In simple terms, serious and focused Kickboxing training, striking the Pads & Bags with Kicks & Punches, is excellent for stress release!

To put it in simple terms. With Kickboxing you will Burn more Calories, exercise a Greater range of muscle groups, and vastly reduce Stress much more than you would with other activities. Also, something that is not shown on this chart, but that you should seriously consider. Your Kickboxing training as well as increasing your self-confidence, could one day, if you were in a situation, possibly save your life. Something that Football or Aerobics are not likely to do!

medium high high high high very high
low very high high high high very high
STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT very high low medium medium low very high
full body full body lower body lower body lower body full body
medium high high high high very high
Kcal per hour
7st Person
228 352 330 244 486 539
Kcal per hour
9st Person
294 453 425 314 628 693
Kcal per hour
11st Person
359 553 519 383 768 847
Kcal per hour
13st Person
424 654 613 452 907 1001
Kcal per hour
15st Person
489 754 708 523 1046 1155