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Kru Certification Course – 5 September 2019

Do you want your Muay Thai qualifications and academy accredited and registered in Thailand, and do you want to learn from the legend himself Master Toddy? Then sign up for our Kru Certification Course!

Just 2 places left! Don’t miss out… the course cost is only $1,500 and you should make that back in your gym in 1 month.

First time in Brisbane and half the price of doing the same course in Thailand!

Starts: 8am, Monday September 9th 2019

Location: Elite MMA Gym – 4 Gomersall Street, Redcliffe QLD 4020

Only 2 places left! Call Ajarn Jeff to register on 0430 834 953


Here’s what’s covered in the course:

Kru (Instructor) Certification Course

Course Duration: 5 Days

  1. Grade 8: Red 1 Prajied
  2. Grade 9: Red Gold Prajied
  3. Grade 10: Gold Prajied
  4. Grade 11: Gold 1 Prajied
  5. Pad work: Level 4-5
  6. Ram Muay (Wai Kru)
  7. How to start your own gym.
  8. Answering phone calls, handling student enrollment and how to close deals.
  9. Tips: how to’s and what to avoid! Referee Level -> C License
  • Kru Certificate holders may be invited by MTIA Headquarters for a AJARN courses.





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