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Becoming A Muay Thai Kru Or Kickboxing – MMA Blackbelt At Elite Martial Arts

Although Elite Martial Arts has been established since August 1978, (40 years) for archive purposes on the website server, only Black belt records since our arrival in Australia are listed on this website, along with those who have qualified as Instructors. Higher levels of Black belt are known commonly as ‘DAN’ Grades (Dan is the Japanese term that simply means Level). DAN Grades are used within martial arts industry to show the level of knowledge / experience that an Instructor has attained over the years. Please note that Black Belts are not automatically qualified Instructors and to receive Muay Thai accreditation as an Instructor you must complete the MTIA instructors’ course which will progress you through from Instructor to Kru and eventually Ajarn if you are so motivated. Should a senior student of Black Belt grade wish to become an Instructor at Elite Martial Arts Studio, they spend approximately one year as an ‘Apprentice-Instructor’ under the direct guidance of a Senior-Instructor before they become a certified ‘Level 1’ (1st Dan) Instructor, or Kru Instructor.

We believe that time-served as an apprentice Instructor is much better than a specific Instructor exam. Once someone becomes a qualified Instructor at Elite Martial Arts Studio, they are awarded the Instructor Insignia which is a ‘RED BAND’ The Instructor Insignia of a Red Band used widely by many Thai-Kickboxing schools that follow a structured training syllabus. Additionally, those Instructors with more experience are awarded further Instructor Insignia. This is a very simple, yet effective system. Two Red Bands for second Dan, (which would mean that the person is a Level 2 Instructor), four Red Bands for 4th Dan, (which would mean that the person is a level 4 Instructor). This helps give a student an idea of the experience the teacher has as an Instructor. Something that is very useful when comparing Instructors or choosing which Martial Arts Centre join. Would you rather train with an Instructor whose knowledge with just 2- or 3-years’ experience, or with an Instructor who has over 10, 15 or even 40 years’ experience! We can assure you that there is a world of difference!