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kickboxing grades

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Kickboxing is known as ‘The art of Striking’, and Striking is regarded by many as ‘The Ultimate form of combat’.

With correct and regular training Kickboxers can develop power in their striking techniques that is much stronger than their physical bodyweight, thus leading to a tremendous advantage in a real-life self-defense situation.

Grading Syllabus at Elite Martial Arts

The core of the Kickboxing system taught at the Elite Martial Arts Gym is based on Fitness training with Self-Defense applications. Only if a person wishes, are they offered Competition training. It is stressed that the majority of our members do not compete and that you would not be expected to either.

Our members can also progress though our grading syllabus should they wish to train towards their Black Belt.

The Elite Gym’s Kickboxing syllabus teaches Striking using Kicks, Boxing, Knees, Elbows and Open-Palm Striking.

Utilizing techniques and training methods from Thai-Kickboxing ( Muay-Thai ) and Japanese Kickboxing ( K-1 ) as well as traditional techniques from Muay-Boran and Kyokushin making it an ideal system for those seeking training in a striking system for Self-defense or for Ring/Cage-Sport under Kickboxing, Muaythai or MMA Rules.

Additionally, the Elite Gym’s Kickboxing system also teaches Ground-Striking, for those wanting to compete under M.M.A. (Mixed-Martial-Arts) Rules where matches involve Standup-fighting and Ground-fighting. The Ground-Striking is covered in separate classes to the regular timetable via our ‘MMA classes’ (Which include Striking-for-M.M.A.) program.

Professional Kickboxing Competitions:

For those who do actually wish to compete in the ring, we train students to compete at national Amateur Championship tournaments under what is generally known as ‘K-1’ rules of MTA rules which are padded events.

For those that excel in the Amateur division, we can then train students specifically for Professional bouts under ‘Muaythai’, International Kickboxing (Glory Style rules), Boxing & MMA rule sets.