About Elite Martial Arts

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Kids Classes for 5-11 year olds

At Elite Martial Arts, children aged 5 to 11 are encouraged to developed their skills and fitness in our kids classes.

Under the supervision and guidance of our head coach, the children will be encouraged and supported across the many disciplines at Elite Martial Arts.

As beginners progress, they have the opportunity to participate in gradings and competitions. Sparing is always conducted in a controlled supervised setting, and always with a beginning being paired with a more experienced person

In Skill Opposed, In Spirit United

Our Motto is “In skill opposed, In spirit united”.

Developing these skills may well assist in saving people’s lives, or go towards achieving academic results, or even help you, or your children to deal with situations and increase your ability to problem solve.

Creating champions is one of our goals but this is secondary to wanting to create Champions in Life and pillars of our local community.

We strive to develop individuals that are humble, respectable and able to achieve their goals, aspirations and dreams, through honest hard work and the support of others.

A word from our Founder

Jeffery Bullock, Head coach and Founder of Elite Martial arts says:

“Elite martial arts dedicates itself to the development of scientific martial arts based on techniques that work. Its philosophy is of continued development and improvement, and the one thing that has stayed with us from the very beginning is our motto that comes from Kano, and my original martial art of Judo. ‘In skill opposed, in spirit united’ really says what I believe to be true of any combat contest.

Firstly you need skill and technique. Secondly you need spirit, drive, will and focus to succeed. Finally you need intelligence and the ability to problem solve whist under duress. This is why the motto remains our motto as it is so suited to Elite Martial Arts.”

“The quote (In Skill Opposed, In Spirit United) was first made by Dr Jigrano Kano, the founder of Judo. Back in the UK it became the motto of the Bushido Arts Council, an organisation I jointly founded, which developed Ju jitsu karate and self-defence, and the Dutch version of Muay Thai combined with Japanese kickboxing. Later we combined all these systems and called them Elite Martial Arts.”

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